Maracana Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Education is the answer

Education is the answer (photo credit – unknown)

Let’s dream for a while. In response to the mass demonstrations in Brazil, the government has decided to give priority to education, and has chosen not to hold the FIFA World Cup in June. What would happen with the stadiums that cost a fortune, starting with the mythical Maracanã that has just been remodeled?

The Brazilian Minister of Education has just announced the creation of the Maracanã Academy. Starting from next week, up to 100,000 students will have free daily access to the stadium, which has been converted into the biggest classroom in the world, the Maracanã Academy, and will offer a complete set of classes from the best university professors. Each class will be supported by a collection of videos and online resources projected onto the stadium’s giant screens, and will be accessible simultaneously for all students on their personal tablets. High speed broadband access will enable a fully cooperative learning process.

The Maracanã Academy will propose a continuous programme of classes, leaving an hour of recess between them to enable students to leave the stadium and for new students to join the class they have chosen. All other World Cup stadiums will do the same, enabling Brazil to multiply access to higher education by 50.

Converted into a world reference point for higher education, Brazil will open its Maracanã Academy online for free to all students worldwide and create the Maracanã Open Online Courses: the MOOCs!

For those who want to visualise what a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is, think of a stadium near you full of students taking the same class!

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