About me

I believe in the unique ability of citizens starting with young people to take full ownership of the main topics of interest for their future and bring positive and sustainable changes in the communities they are part of.

Education is the main component that enables individuals and communities to grow. Education is transversal to all Sustainable Development Goals. Education for me is a dialogue, an innovative form of communication that must favor the creative and constructive appropriation by ALL the inhabitants of the planet and above all by the younger generations of ALL the themes vital to our future.

Through education, children and young people can claim ownership of and better exercise their rights, and adults can better understand and overcome the main challenges they face on a daily basis.

This is why, whatever the question, “Education is the answer”.

I strongly believe that innovation in education will bring about a better educative system, for everyone, everywhere, anytime.  We can all – innovators, creators, teachers, educators – contribute to the future of education. This goes much beyond the role of technology in education and requires a deep and common understanding of learning that is shared by the whole community.


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