Meet the world’s best minds

“Meet the world’s best minds”

This last pandemic year has made it clear that we urgently need reliable views on the world we inhabit to make it a world we want to live in.

Those who spend their lives delving into science, history, political thought, the ways of society, art and literature are well placed to help us here, as well as to spark the excitement of acquiring knowledge, the pleasures of curiosity, and of broadening our scope.

At the beginning of the first lockdown, the EXPeditions team packed masks and gloves, a camera, a mic, a light rig, a set of questions, and set out to connect with more than 150 leading thinkers, scholars, researchers, and scientists in the top universities in the UK, the US, Europe, Australia, and India.

They engaged in accessible conversations to create an experience that is enjoyable, intense and resonates with the challenges of our daily lives.

We turned these conversations into the videos we call EXPs. These can be explored and enjoyed for free on the website.

We feel it’s extraordinary in this last difficult year to have gathered so much scintillating ‘knowledge’, so many ideas across a diversity of fields, in one easy-to-access space and we are hugely grateful for the time and energy our authors have put into EXPeditions.

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Our current catalogue of 500 EXPs contends with climate change from multiple perspectives, with globalisation and economic growth, citizenship, cities, democracy and politics, colonialism, history, the emotions and nervous states, biology and genetics, medicine, AI, individual and collective identity, feminism, race, the classics, art, philosophy, literature, war, the Holocaust and more.

Knowledge, reliable thinking, ideas that are passionate – these are all priceless. From here on in, they are also available to you all – with no admission fee.

We can all begin to think with the best. It’s important and enlivening to do so. And pleasurable.

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