Investing in education

Investing in education

Investing in education. ©Sergey Nivens

Why invest in education? Why invest now? Where should we invest?

Asking these questions is already a sign that much has changed on the education scene. Education is no longer a matter reserved for public authorities or free from real life constraints. The world is spending more on education than ever before. Education is the answer to parents’ desire to guarantee a future job for their children and to companies’ needs for more innovation and better skilled employees. Education is the key to building better lives for hundreds of millions worldwide and responding to challenges such as climate change, sustainable development and gender equality.

Traditional education systems are no longer able to respond alone to these needs. Performances worldwide – and especially in most developed countries – are bad: there is a rising number of school dropouts, skyrocketing youth unemployment, and a mismatch of skills and companies’ needs. Moreover, there is not enough money and space to build schools and universities and hire all the teachers that are needed.

Major changes are required to the ways learning is delivered, students are motivated and teachers are trained. Education needs to open up to new contents, teaching practices, assessment tools…

Technological advancements make these changes more possible and desirable than ever.

Mobile technologies give users the opportunity to learn what, where and when they want. Teachers, trainers, schools, universities, companies and cities must adapt their practices to this new situation: education is everyone, everywhere, and at every moment in time.

Education is no longer about curricula and grades. It is about innovation, creativity and… entrepreneurship.

This is the meaning of the Open Education Challenge that will be launched on January, 22 in London during the BETT in partnership with the European Commission and under the patronage of Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou.

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