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I founded P.A.U. Education  in 1995 in Barcelona (Spain). Our work as publisher of educational projects is based on the conviction that “Whatever the question, education is the answer”.  Our projects are based on an original methodology based on children participation and inspired by the work of Roger Hart and the articles 12 and 13 of the Convention on the Right of the Child.

Innovation in education only makes sense if the whole community is involved in the transformation process. My thoughts on education can be found here.

Open education and all the initiatives that open up education to anyone, anywhere, anytime are part of my current research lines. I strongly believe that opening up education will bring about a better educative system, for everyone, everywhere, anytime.  We can all – innovators, creators, teachers, educators – contribute to the future of education, and enrich what open education has to offer. This goes much beyond the role of technology in education and requires a deep and common understanding shared by the whole community.

Besides leading all company strategy and research activities, I also coordinate scientific board activities and the company’s diverse partnerships with research institutions and NGOs. I support and advise European Commission officials, general directors and communication directors during the presentation and evaluation stages of all our projects and campaigns. These projects mainly focus on children rights, creativity, open education, inclusive education, healthy habits, and road safety education, among others.

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