Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in the classroom

You remember Mary Poppins? How many teachers dream to have her magical powers when they face a sleepy classroom on a gloomy Monday morning!

One of teacher’s main challenge is to propose learning experiences that allow genuine student engagement.

In a classroom, the learning process is usually driven by the teacher. The teacher designs the lesson, defines the learning objectives, is in charge of student assessment. Often the result is a top down process that leaves a number of students “off the road”.

There is no magical solution to raise student engagement. Alternative school models haven’t proved significantly more efficient than “traditional” ones. A democratic school for instance where students have an equal say than teachers is no guarantee of student engagement.

The success depends on the degree of ownership that can be gained at the student level, i.e. if they are fully part of the learning process. Participation is a critical point in the classroom daily routine.

It doesn’t necessarily imply adopting new learning models such as project-based learning, cooperative or collaborative learning.  These models are often presented as a solution to student lack of engagement and participation. But we underestimate the complexity of implementing these new models. Neither the teachers, nor the schools are prepared while simple tools can help teachers achieve their engagement goals.

Technology in the classroom must be a facilitator of participation that teachers should use more (and not be afraid of) in their day to day teaching in the classroom.

If every student is using a digital device in the classroom, this is how it should work:

- the teacher creates a well structured lesson that enable every student to move forward at his/her own pace; the lesson has to be simply designed. Often a single picture with an insightful question makes the job!

- students must only require teacher’s attention if they really need it to move forward;

- teacher must know who needs attention at all time simply by having a look at their screen;

- teacher must be able to share a student’s contribution with the whole class anytime;

This super simple technology should have two key features:

- a powerful and easy to use editorial tool to create lessons in minutes and enable teacher and students to annotate them live;

- a shared screen functionality that give the teacher the possibility to interact live with all students’ screens.

No need to call Mary Poppins!

Unio by Harness does it!

 You can find out more about Unio here.




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