Good teaching is truly magical

Good teaching is truly magical

Magic in the classroom happens thanks to the teachers, the true magicians! Edtech entrepreneurs have often a hard time understanding that it is not enough to tell how boring learning is to provoke changes. Changes must be built out of consensus between all parties involved. One intangible feature of the learning process remains the classroom. Design may be more or less creative. Accessibility and connectivity may vary. But the classroom remains the center of attraction for students, teachers and parents.

What can we do to make the classroom a better place to teach and learn? How can we help the teacher pay attention to a (too) large group of students, maintain the group cohesion and at the same time make his or her teaching as personalized as possible to take care of the classroom diversity? How can we help the teachers do better his or her work (and not take his or her place!).

Some innovative tools have been designed to do just this: help teachers teach better. It sounds too simple to be true.

Take the example of Unio by Harness, an innovative teaching tool proposed by a startup in which P.A.U. Education has invested. Unio by Harness came out of a design thinking process with teachers. Some would say: what a strange idea to involve teachers in the innovation process!

Teachers require key supporting features to gain time, raise attention and concentrate on the most needed students. They want to be able to better plan their class, communicate the main contents in advance to the students, structure their teaching around activities they have designed themselves, control how their students learn but without imposing the learning pace, let group work develop and encourage peer learning.

This is exactly where technology can help and this is what Unio by Harness does. But technology is useless if not piloted by the teacher from the very beginning. The teacher has to decide which technology he or she wants to use, in a given context and for a given purpose.

Teachers that have chosen Unio by Harness are just pretending to do their job better. This is truly magical!


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