Education is (still) the answer

Education is (still) the answer

Whatever the question, education will remain one more year the only answer. This is not only the overall conclusion of the new edition of the PISA report. This is not even the inaugurating speech of a new education minister announcing endless changes in the curriculum. This is much more than a vision shared by thousands of teachers worldwide.
This is just the only option we have to try to solve our “pending issues”.
If not tell me how we will achieve the ambitious objectives of the Paris declaration on climate change? How we will integrate hundreds of thousands of young migrants? How we will reduce obesity and increase physical exercise? How we will fight radicalism and promote peaceful reinsertion in conflicts’ areas? How we will ensure safe mobility for young people? And reduce addictions? End poverty? Promote lactancy? Foster creativity? Strengthen entrepreneurship? Bridge employability gap?…
I can’t think of another or better choice than:
For those who only believe in enforcement they should try replacing educators, social workers and teachers by policemen and soldiers in order to get school dropouts back to class, turn drink drivers sober again, reduce the planet’s temperature by two degrees…
We will never live together just because we are told to or forced to. We must simply learn to do it together. And this learning process will take a life time.
After one year full of projects, shared passion, frustrations and successes, we still believe in young people’s unique ability to transform the communities they live in. We still believe in their unique ability to engage committed adults in this transformation process.
For the year to come, we rely more than ever on their commitment to make our lives better. Empowering them, supporting them are worth a year of renewed efforts!

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