Human tower : innovation in education at its best


A castell is a human tower built traditionally during city festivals in Catalonia.

A casteller is a member of this human tower. Being a casteller is not only being part of one of the “masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of community” recognized by UNESCO. It is also being part of one of the most ambitious and innovative educational projects of all times.
Human Tower in Barcelona (Sants) - video

Human Tower : Castellers in Barcelona (Sants) – see the video below

Human Tower in Barcelona


- a community based project involving people of the same district and creating new links between people
- a participatory project where each member of the human tower has an essential role that doesn’t depend on social status or economic power
- an intergenerational project involving three generations from 6 years old to 65 years old
- an interdisciplinary project involving expertise from different fields : physics, architecture to build the most solid and daring tower
- a project based on mutual trust: if one fails, everyone fails and my fate depends on others’ shoulders
- a team building project based on the cohesion of a “pack” of one hundred persons
- a project that fosters children’s autonomy and sense of entrepreneurship letting them taking risks with the consent and support of committed adults
- a project that contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage based on oral transmission
- a project that transforms a public place in an innovative learning space
In summary, a “castell” is an educational project where human spirit is in fact the most advanced technology!


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