A conversation on education

There are many websites, newsletters and journals on innovation and education. I had the chance, for the last 15 years at P.A.U. Education, to be part of some of them.  For all of them, we pretended to be the “single gateway”, the “community meeting point”, the “platform for exchange”, the “reference”. Retrospectively, reading these sentences make me feel overpromising (to say the least). How could we pretend “centralizing” a global movement leading to digital education when innovation in education is mostly ruled by a decentralized agenda: anywhere, anyone, anytime.

How can we support this “decentralized” movement? How can we join the many practitioners and educators that passionately work for a change in education?

Creating a conversation on education! No more and no less.

The need for conversation is growing and we all need a place to share our visions, practices and perspectives on the way education is changing.

This is why I have decided to launch the Open Education Studio. It’s a space to spread out innovation in education.


The Open Education Studio is an invitation to change, a place where innovations in education can be shared, and where the dialogue can be enhanced.

The Open Education Studio is driven by thoughts and experiences from inspired practitioners. None can pretend to teach, or preach. All join the studio to share, listen, inspire and be inspired.

The Studio is an open place where teachers, educators, practitioners, entrepreneurs, publishers, industry or policymakers “speak freely and candidly” and tell the truth about their practices, ideas and desires, frustrations, expectations, and more.

Joining the Open Education Studio means directly cutting into old practices and conventions and making innovation available and accessible to all.

See you there!

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