The year of the learning path

Students are back to school. New MOOCs are about to be launched. Exams are around the corner. All learners have resumed their journey along the learning path.

Learning is a transformation experience, changing oneself for better. Cheryl Strayed once described this experience in her book “Wild” taking us on the Pacific Crest Trail for a 1800 km hike. Not all of us will have the courage, the need, the time to embark on a similar journey. But all of us have the possibility to take the learning path.

2016 may be – at last – the year of “education for all”. It may also be “the year of the learning path”, when everyone will be able to start anew and learn.

Learning is infinite but there is only one learning path with clear marks so that no one can get lost.

It all starts with attention and passion; the attention we need to realize that we need to learn and the passion that will keep us committed during the trail.

Once the decision is taken, once we are on the path and can’t go back, we will then walk through information and knowledge. A textbook, an exam, a video… are only parts of the learning path.

Accumulating “learning miles”, wearing off our “learning boots” will enable us to take actions for change. “Learnin’ is a changin’”. A learner shouldn’t be allowed to exit the path unchanged. Too often, students walk the path without noticing it. They are in the back seats, not paying attention to the teacher. They keep silent and are soon forgotten. They make as if they are on the learning path but they have already left and no one noticed it. These “early path leavers” may have another chance to join the path but they will have to start again from day one.

Those who stay on the path not only take actions but change their habits.

Changing habits is only the penultimate stage on the learning path. The learner will exit the path thinking upon his/her identity, questionning the change that was experienced and already planning the next trail.

The learning path is one and all learners should walk on it again and again, all year round.

(see a short video animation)

the learning path

learning path

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