Born to learn

New York Times comment

New York Times comment

On Friday in Paris, hundreds of people that were just having dinner or a drink at a restaurant, or listening to music in a concert hall, died. They died suddenly, unexpectedly, brutally, shot in the back, or lying on the ground, unarmed. Some of them tried to run away, to escape the bullets. Many didn’t, they had no time. Their murderers behaved without mercy, as they always do. They killed in cold blood. Our sons and daughters, our families and friends were there, could have been there, may be there tomorrow. They will still go out for dinner, have a drink and listen to music.

In the coming days we will learn that the murderers attended school in France, may have even sat in the same classroom as some of their victims, former school mates or teachers. We are all ready to go to war and fight the enemy, even if we don’t know who the enemy is. An invisible, faceless, merciless enemy is hiding somewhere in the buildings we live in, in the classrooms we go to. This enemy has a name: ignorance!

While many will ask for more police, more armies, more bullets and more weapons, we will also need more teachers and more classrooms to fight the same enemy.

All those who died in Paris and those who killed them were born to learn.

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