#EducationDay: A fairy tale

Every day I wake up my son Eliot to go to school.

-          Today is education day! (I say)

-          What did you say (sleepy voice)?

-          Education day!

-          What’s the difference with School day?

-          School day is when you go to school and education day is when you get an education

-          OK!? So I don’t get an education when I go to school?

-          Well not every day. Don’t you agree?

-          There are good days and bad days; days when the teacher is in a good mood, days when he is not; days when I am in a good mood…

-          So every school day is not always an education day!

-          Sounds brillant at 7.30 am. So you want me to go to school or to stay in bed?

-          Tell me what you will learn if you stay in bed?

-          I don’t know: dream, relax, think…

-          And if you go to school?

-          think, work, dream…

-          So let’s stand up

-          and where do we go?

-           for a walk in the city… where education really takes place!

-           and we will tweet about it…


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