All you need is love


“Sarah, my love for you is deathless, it seems to bind me to you with mighty cables that nothing but Omnipotence could break; and yet my love of Country comes over me like a strong wind and bears me irresistibly on with all these chains to the battlefield.”

An enlightening intervention of Lord David Puttnam during the EU conference Education in the Digital Era, quoting Sullivan Ballou’s letter to his wife Sarah during the Civil War, reminded us of the basic characteristics of innovative learning: love, passion and emotion.

An entrepreneur in education also has something that comes over him or her “like a strong wind”: the desire to change education, improve learning.

During the conference, the seven Open Education Challenge startups were distinguished as “European edtech startups of the year”. Three months of incredible work, personal engagement and teamwork enabled these startups to go all the way from an idea to “a viable and investable solution”.

-          Viable: capable of being done or used, capable of succeeding, capable of living

-          Investable: that can be invested, suitable for an investment

All OEC projects are now capable of living, suitable for an investment and ready to contribute to innovative learning.

The OEC incubation process is hard to summarise in a few lines: six European cities, three months of intensive work, 110 mentors… and beyond the figures, a personal touch: making friends, working overtime, having fun, sharing passion, getting nervous. But more importantly, being aware that no innovation can succeed if it not backed by the users themselves.

At the EU conference, one contribution was heavily retweeted: “The biggest innovation doesn’t come from technology, but from teachers who embrace it properly and believe in it.”

All OEC startups share this comment: Technology is not the issue. The education challenge comes first.

Believe. Be passionate.

All an education entrepreneur needs is love!

all you need is love

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