Football players or education entrepreneurs?

Education and football: map designed by Graduate XXI based on PISA results

Education and football: map designed by Graduate XXI based on PISA results

 Are you a football fan? Did your national team qualify for the World Cup? If your country is not among the top performers in the PISA test, you are more likely to win the World Cup. Among the 10 top performers, only four made it to Brazil (South Korea, Japan, Switzerland and the Netherlands) and only two qualified for the second round (Switzerland and the Netherlands).

Happy learning: How innovative is a good grade?

results of the French baccalauréat

Is it all about grades?

Over the last few weeks, millions of students around the world have taken their final exams, desperately struggling to attain good grades and access the universities of their choice. The Chinese Gaokao, the French Baccalauréat, the British A Level… are all symbolic of the hyper-competitive nature of our education systems.

IP protection and OER: the missing link for innovation in education

photo by Philippe Tarbouriech

Photo by photographer Philippe Tarbouriech

How keen are we to raise awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) among Open Education Resource (OER) communities? As long as open means ‘free to use’, one may understand that IP is not relevant. “As long as it is available on the internet, it is free to use”, or “As long as it is for educational purposes, it is OK to use” are some of the claims that are most often given. IP concern is not so much about the IP of the OER itself, rather than the IP of the content used to create the OER. And all this content is IP protected in a way or another.

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