Teach to change the world

Going to school to change the world

Going to school to change the world

Education innovators – among them many teachers – have the ability to reinvent the art of teaching in the classroom.

Yishay Mor in his new book talks about teaching as a design practice that can change the world. The French daily ‘Le Monde’ just published an inspiring portrait of a young teacher who wanted to change his class… and the world. This story makes you believe in the inspirational dimension of teaching.

Robotics or roboteach


Roboteach © Milab - IDC

Kip1: “Roboteach”
© Oren Zuckerman – Milab – IDC

It is striking to observe how robotics influence and determine innovation in education. One of the first MOOCs ever was on robotics – ‘An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ – and the tens of thousands of students that registered online at the time told us of the fascination one feels in front of a machine that can think. The success of robotics education programmes worldwide (VEX for instance) is other evidence of the importance of a hands-on approach to science.

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