Pierre, Mathieu, Xavier and the others: How old are the web talents?

Founders of Openclassrooms: Mathieu Nebra and Pierre Dubuc

Founders of Openclassrooms: Mathieu Nebra and Pierre Dubuc (credit : Julien Faure / REA)

Are you too old to go to school? Are you too young to innovate?

Pierre Dubuc and Mathieu Nebra, co-founders of Openclassrooms, created their first start-up when they were 11 years old (although they had to wait until they turned 18 to register it). They are now one of the main publishers of MOOCs for web skills in French. Xavier Fontanet, on the other hand, started selling his strategy courses for entrepreneurs on the Apple app store at the age of 64, and made them into digital bestsellers.

Innovation in education is very simple: it is about sharing the right knowledge with the right people using the right tools. It is not about age.

Aspiring French entrepreneurs can choose a MOOC on web skills from the OpenClassrooms catalogue, and then strengthen their entrepreneurship skills by reading Xavier Fontanet’s books on their tablets.

Do we have enough entrepreneurs? I believe so. After four weeks, the Open Education Challenge we launched to stimulate the creation of education start-ups in Europe has received over 200 proposals from all over Europe and beyond. These talented entrepreneurs have to fulfill two conditions: they must want to change education and also make good use of innovative technology.

Do we have enough web talent? The answer is no. This is why the European Commission wants to foster web talent in Europe. One way is to encourage the use of MOOCs that focus on the acquisition of web skills. In other words, using one innovation – MOOCs – to boost further innovation. Success depends on our ability to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs, i.e. to fully use the potential of MOOCs to empower under-skilled individuals. Web entrepreneurs need inspiring tools to learn!

A survey has just been launched to better assess the needs of web entrepreneurs. The results will inspire Pierre, Mathieu, Xavier and all other education innovators that try to stimulate entrepreneurship through knowledge.

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