FUN, the French MOOC platform had already registered 226,000 students.

FUN, the French MOOC platform had already registered 226,000 students. © Robert Kneschke |

Le Monde, the French daily newspaper, recently discussed in an article the French mania with MOOCs. A few weeks after its launch, the French MOOC platform FUN had already registered 226,000 students. The ‘best (non) seller’ among the 30 MOOCs on offer is ‘From Manager to Leader‘, with 36,000 registered students and a 20% completion rate. Its author, Cecile Dejoux, a teacher at CNAM, qualifies this success as a complete – yet pleasant – surprise: a serendipity!

Education is ours!


We are just a few hours from the end of the first round of the Open Education Challenge.  In less than two months, 500 applications have been submitted. This is new evidence of the changes taking place in education worldwide: each proposal we receive is a proxy for new contents and teaching practices, innovative devices, technological assessment tools… And a promise to give users the opportunity to learn what, where and when they want. The Open Education Challenge demonstrates that education is no longer limited to curricula and degrees – it’s about innovation, creativity and… entrepreneurship.

Maracana Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Education is the answer

Education is the answer (photo credit – unknown)

Let’s dream for a while. In response to the mass demonstrations in Brazil, the government has decided to give priority to education, and has chosen not to hold the FIFA World Cup in June. What would happen with the stadiums that cost a fortune, starting with the mythical Maracanã that has just been remodeled?

Pierre, Mathieu, Xavier and the others: How old are the web talents?

Founders of Openclassrooms: Mathieu Nebra and Pierre Dubuc

Founders of Openclassrooms: Mathieu Nebra and Pierre Dubuc (credit : Julien Faure / REA)

Are you too old to go to school? Are you too young to innovate?

Pierre Dubuc and Mathieu Nebra, co-founders of Openclassrooms, created their first start-up when they were 11 years old (although they had to wait until they turned 18 to register it). They are now one of the main publishers of MOOCs for web skills in French. Xavier Fontanet, on the other hand, started selling his strategy courses for entrepreneurs on the Apple app store at the age of 64, and made them into digital bestsellers.

Innovation in education is very simple: it is about sharing the right knowledge with the right people using the right tools. It is not about age.

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