Opening up education

'Opening up Education'

‘Opening up Education’

Last week, the European Union launched its “Opening up Education” initiative.

But what does Europe mean exactly by “opening up”? Words are sometimes worth looking at.

Looking in the dictionary, we could understand “opening up” education to mean “spreading out” or “unfolding” education, as if the walls that constrained our classrooms for so long were about to fall down or be removed. A larger classroom should come out of the initiative, and a whole new education perspective would then open up before us.

Entrepreneurial excellence in school

New Millennium Learners

New Millennium Learners

Last week, Nelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, launched “the Startup Manifesto campaign for entrepreneurial excellenceand we are all invited to sign it.

Among the various recommendations that have been made to sustain economic growth, two of them directly concern the education world:

-          Make teachers digitally confident and competent to rise to the challenge.

-          Teach our children the principles, processes and the passion for entrepreneurship from a young age.

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