Education entrepreneurs: more ed or more tech?

education entrepreneurs

Education entrepreneurs

In recent months, Europe has seen a flurry of initiatives aimed at fostering greater web talent in Europe and stimulating web entrepreneurship. In her blog, Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, continuously celebrates and encourages Europe’s tech and web entrepreneurs, as: “people following their dreams and creating their own companies, coming up with ideas and products with the potential to change the way we live, work, play, communicate and collaborate.

To who does our future belong? A new approach to youth mobility




According to the European Commission,cross-border mobility schemes for young job-seekers” are essential to reduce youth unemployment. Those who ignore the meaning of “cross-border mobility schemes” could have gone last Tuesday to the Greek theatre festival in Barcelona to get a fresh and disruptive definition.

“Mileuristas” forever. Are 1000€ per person the magic solution to youth unemployment?


A few years ago in Spain, the generation of young people entering the workplace was named “mileuristas.” Since then, all over Europe, youth have had to move between temporary contracts and earn no more than a thousand euros a month. The last decisions taken by the European Council on June 28 might make us think that the young Europeans will be condemned to be “mileuristas” in all aspects of their lives, even to escape from unemployment.

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